Most parents don't know their children are gifted

Often, behavioural challenges and problems could signal the precense of giftedness in a child.

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Knowing what to look for

Jess* presented unique challenges to her family when her behavior was not inline with the expectations of 'normal' children. How were her parents to know she was 'gifted'?

Experts suggested that her parents look for the following traits:
  • Above-average general ability
  • High level of commitment to particular tasks
  • High levels of creativity
Since the concept of giftedness is continually expanding, parents may discover the precense of giftedness in a child by encouraging the freedom to explore a variety of topics and by providing positive stimulation towards learning.
Tools to Stimulate Giftedness

Stimulation for Gifted Children

Stimulation in Math

Engage with your children to provide rich stimulation by adding, subtracting and multiplying while having fun.

Nurture strong literacy skills

Children will rapidly excel at the alphabet and basic spelling while gaining confidence every day.

Musical abilities

Children will rapidly excel at basic guitar playing by practicing and growing every day.

Liguistic prowess

Engage with your children by talking, constantly and expanding your child's vocabulary having fun.


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